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The team of Compass Transit is ready to service any types of vessels in ports of the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. We provide a full spectrum of services in St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga and Primorsk ports.
We will take care of all logistical issues, do the paperwork, protect your interests before port administration and local authorities, and supply the ship crew with everything necessary for moorage, repairs and further journey.

When you hire our Company, your moorage in ports of the Gulf of Finland is safe and efficient. Your vessel will be in good repair and the crew will be provided with everything necessary for further navigation.

Team of Compass Transit

Tramp agency

• Performing customs clearance and handling border formalities related to the arrival of the ship to the port, its stay and departure
• Interaction with local authorities and control services
• Taking care of paperwork and other formalities in organizing loading and unloading operations
• Financing for port dues
• Ordering pilots, tugs and mooring masters
• Disposal of bilge water, waste water, wash water, sludge and other refuse
• Organizing ship repairs in ship repair shops and shipyards
• Supplying the ship with a bunker, fresh water and lubricants
• Supplying maps and other aids to navigation
• Detailed, accurate and timely preparation of proforma invoices and final payments

and technical support

• Meeting the needs of ship crews
• Assistance in managing the crew: meeting at airports, transporting to the ship, booking hotels
• Making arrangements and transportation of crew members to doctors
• Receipt of shore passes
• Organization and delivery of Cash to Master
• Receipt of sanitary certificates
• Organization of various ship inspections
• Customs clearance and delivery of ship spare parts and packages onboard the ship


• Consumables and technical supplies for deck and engine room
• Ship repair, welding and mechanical equipment
• Oils and lubricants
• Ship chemical products
• Emergency-rescue and fire-fighting equipment, and arranging for checkups thereof
• Marine navigation equipment
• Mooring ropes
• Food, beverages, household accessories
• Medical supplies

We work with the following types of vessels


Gas carriers

Dry-cargo carriers

Bulk-cargo carriers

We work in ports of the Gulf of Finland and worldwide

We are ready to serve as your ship agent

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